Time Trial De Domrenner


This summer the world’s biggest cycling event comes to Utrecht. For five days, the Grand Depart of Le Tour de France will make Utrecht the centre of the world. To celebrate this, there are many spectacular events to visit and activities to take part in! One of these events is a time trial on the 6th of June, organized by USWV De Domrenner. USWV De Domrenner is a cycling club for students in Utrecht. This time trial is not a regular time trial, because it has a really special location.. a garage of ten floors tall!? The route to the top floor is 800 meters long where in you will climb 30 meters (increase / climbing rate: 6.5%). Are you able to climb those ten floors in a fast time? Do you want to take part in this spectacular event? Sign up at http://www.domrenner.nl/klimtijdrit/ ! Here you find some extra information on this event and its location as well.